The Demo Unit That Was Not Returned

Posted by TechStar on Mar 2, 2022 10:56:00 AM

If you work in the natural gas industry or are an industrial user of natural gas, water dewpoint is not only a quality measurement but also a big concern. Water condensate presents serious challenges and issues for your process. It is highly corrosive and will form hydrates, which are ice-like solid molecules that can block the flow of gas in pipelines. In cold weather, it will also freeze reducing the pipe pressure.

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Meeting the Challenge of Portable Moisture Measurements

Posted by TechStar on May 18, 2021 2:09:00 PM

If you’re a user of moisture analyzers, you’ve probably experienced challenges in performing a quick, accurate measurement using a portable instrument.  Portable moisture analyzers are typically used to verify the moisture reading of a fixed-installation instrument or to conduct spot-sampling measurements at remote sites which lack a permanently installed device.  In my experience performing portable measurements, I’ve seen several common obstacles a user may encounter:

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Measuring Water Vapor In Hydrocarbon Streams

Posted by TechStar on Jan 20, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Measuring Water Vapor in Hydrocarbon Streams

Extracted from a variety of different sources, natural gas is composed of many different hydrocarbons and includes other, less desirable, impurities. These impurities – such as water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide – are removed due to adverse effects, including:

  • Reducing the heating value of the natural gas
  • Damaging piping and other mechanical hardware due to freezing or corrosion
  • Meeting tariff limits associated with transaction contracts
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Posted by TechStar on Oct 15, 2019 10:56:00 AM

Trace moisture measurements in gas applications often appear to be simple and straight forward because the theory is relatively well understood; however, when the analyzer system is in service and we see unexpected measurement results, the head scratching begins.

Electrically everything appears to be correct so we assume the probe/sensor must be out of specification, right???

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