How Waltron’s Instrumentation Products Helped A Semiconductor Manufacturer Detect A Leak

Posted by TechStar on Dec 1, 2023 1:57:00 PM

For years, a semiconductor manufacturer had been dealing with unreliable Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers from one of Waltron’s competitors. The maintenance and lay-up procedures were inconvenient and time-consuming.

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How Do MEMS Mass Flow Controllers Work?

Posted by TechStar on Oct 24, 2023 9:24:00 AM

Mass flow controllers offer precision gas flow control to many critical industries including biopharm, semicon, food & beverage, manufacturing, and R&D. As the technology demands increase in these sectors, so does the demand for precision gas flow control systems. The more accurate and repeatable the gas flow control the better the yield, the higher the product quality and the lower the cost in wasted materials.

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Simplify Your Maintenance with Waltron’s Easy-to-Use Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

Posted by TechStar on Sep 15, 2023 7:26:00 AM

The process of monitoring water and steam quality in industrial facilities like power plants and paper mills is often very complex and requires much expertise. However, maintaining these instruments can be an even bigger challenge. If you are struggling with instruments that are too complicated to maintain, Waltron’s water and steam quality monitoring instruments might be just what you need to simplify your maintenance.

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Optimizing Combustion and Monitoring Tube Temperature for Safe and Efficient Processes

Posted by TechStar on Sep 11, 2023 2:48:00 PM
Originally Written By Tim Talllon and Posted By AMETEK PI
In industrial processes, such as steam methane reforming (SMR), optimizing fuel efficiency and ensuring safety are of paramount importance. In this blog post, we will explore the Thermox WDG-V combustion analyzer and the significance of tube temperature monitoring in these processes. By leveraging advanced technologies like thermal imaging, industries can achieve decarbonization goals, improve combustion optimization, and mitigate the risks associated with tube failures.
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The Importance of Calibrating Fixed Gas Detectors for Safety

Posted by TechStar on Sep 1, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Fixed gas detectors play a critical role in safeguarding people, places, and the planet against potentially life-threatening gases in environments ranging from high value industrial complexes to laboratories and hazardous confined spaces. However, to ensure their accuracy and reliability, regular calibration is an indispensable practice.

Calibration is usually a two-step procedure – the zero and the span. In the first step, the sensor is zeroed using ambient air after confirming that the target gas is not present or by using a suitable gas from a cylinder. The second step is to expose the instrument to the calibration gas that contains a known concentration of the target gas the sensor is designed to measure. The readings are then adjusted to match these values.

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Case Study: Wireless Solution & Process Automation Scales Plant Operations

Posted by TechStar on Jul 7, 2023 1:00:00 PM

TechStar is proud to represent and distribute for industry-leader Moore Industries. 

As part of this case study, wireless network solutions were pre-configured and provided by Moore Industries as part of an all-inclusive solution for a pulp and paper plant to automate dated manual processes, display digital and analog signal readouts, and archive historical data to meet compliance regulations. 

This blog was originally posted by Moore Industries and authored by Jim McConahay

  • A major pulp and paper company had a dated, inefficient process for monitoring and recording daily effluent water rates. 
  • A necessary task in order to maintain state regulations, the company needed help optimizing this process to save time, balance employee workload, and help scale company operations. 
  • Through Moore Industries’ system analysis and installation upgrade, the plant easily met all of these needs while also reducing operating costs and saving time. 

Case Study Summary

In order to maintain compliance with state regulations, a major pulp and paper company was required to continuously monitor and record daily effluent water rates at their plant. 

Fulfillment of this task was met by sending an employee from their main control site to a remotely located pond three times a day to manually record water levels—the process was inefficient, time-consuming and didn’t provide them with real-time data.

Frustrated by the lack of accurate results, inefficiency of their current process and added employee workload, the paper plant reached out to Moore Industries for a modern process solution. 

Upon analysis of their existing systems, an installation and upgrade was performed which allowed them to digitally and wirelessly monitor their water levels. 

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Understanding Tank Bridle Level Measurement

Posted by TechStar on Jul 3, 2023 7:22:00 AM

A bridle is a vertical pipe connected to the side of a storage tank or process vessel, typically with side/side or side/bottom connections. Because the fluid inside the bridle will rise and fall equally with the level of fluid inside the tank or vessel, the bridle has been adapted for level measurement on a broad scale.

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Boost Productivity with Hands-On Process Technical Training

Posted by TechStar on Jun 30, 2023 12:00:00 PM


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Chart Recorders: Definition, Types, Uses, and How To Choose

Posted by TechStar on Jun 22, 2023 12:00:00 PM


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Topics: strip vs circular chart recorder, how does a chart recorder work, compare contrast chart recorders, what is a chart recorder, chart recorder vs data logger, chart recorders for data acquisition, how to choose a chart recorder

In The Know: Flashpoints

Posted by TechStar on Jun 22, 2023 9:26:00 AM

This month we explore the concept of flashpoints and their significance in fire safety. A flashpoint refers to the temperature at which a flammable substance releases sufficient vapor to ignite when exposed to an external source of ignition, such as a spark. It serves as a crucial factor in determining the fire hazard potential of various liquids.

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