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Absolute Pressure Sensors in Varying Applications

Posted by TechStar on Oct 22, 2021 4:46:17 PM

Widely used in most industries, absolute pressure sensor applications provide specific measurements to meet both design and production needs. The steady growth of the global food packaging market size is one proof – where the main contributor is the consistent use of absolute pressure transmitters for their vacuum-sealed packaging.

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DPharp - For The Digital World

Posted by TechStar on Sep 21, 2021 10:38:00 AM

DPharp digital sensor uses two single crystal silicon resonators vibrating at their natural frequencies. When pressure is applied, one of the resonators goes into tension, while the other goes into compression mode. The CPU directly counts the sensor output frequencies without any additional A/D conversion. Due to the excellent elastic properties of silicon material, the DPharp sensor exhibits greater linearity and repeatability, with no inherent hysteresis. Resonant sensor also provides a large output signal resulting in greater sensitivity and higher turndown.

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Monitoring of Ammonia Leaks With Laser-Based Gas Detection Technology

Posted by TechStar on Sep 16, 2021 7:30:00 AM

Process engineers in the fertilizer industry are keenly aware of the toxic and combustible properties of ammonia (NH₃). While the tragic 2013 ammonium nitrate explosion at a fertilizer storage plant in West, Texas, that took 15 lives was ruled an arson incident, the force of the explosion was the equivalent of 7.5 to 10 tons of TNT according to multiple sources. The improper handling or monitoring of NH₃ can be a deadly serious mistake.

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Understanding Flow Meter Accuracy Specs

Posted by TechStar on Sep 9, 2021 9:55:00 AM

What is Flow Rate and Why is It Important in Process Applications?

In an industrial setting, controlling processes with accurate data is an essential part of keeping the process running smoothly. Control systems are equipped with instrumentation like thermal flow meters to feed flow data like gas temperature and gas flow rate into the system. So, what is flow rate and why is it important? The flow rate of the gas tells the system how much of a gas is flowing through a cross section of a pipe at a prescribed unit of time. Flow rate data can help with many things, including the following:

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Condition & Vibration Monitoring Solutions For The General Industry

Posted by TechStar on Sep 1, 2021 8:09:00 AM

For industries such as steel, mining, cement, pulp and paper, maritime and others, our monitoring solutions for rotating machinery are in use in many applications around the world. They all require dedicated monitoring solutions and strategies:

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Turning Big Data Into Actions

Posted by TechStar on Aug 11, 2021 11:41:00 AM

Today, terabytes of signal data are being generated from sensors embedded in industrial equipment. The capability to handle such large streams of data and draw actionable conclusions from is a task that requires artificial intelligence.

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Posted by TechStar on Aug 5, 2021 10:52:00 AM

Introducing the TechStar FLEX – the latest in HART Communicators! While not the first on the market, the FLEX is the more cost-effective and FLEXible option available, providing a one-tool solution for your programming, troubleshooting and HART maintenance needs. Benefits of the TechStar Flex include:

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Optimizing Boiler Efficiency | Increase Your Bottom Line

Posted by TechStar on Jul 22, 2021 11:10:00 AM

Optimizing boiler efficiency will increase your bottom line. Did you know that every 10% excess oxygen results in 1% in wasted fuel? With that in mind, Yokogawa Zirconia Oxygen analyzers have a 50-year proven success record for providing:

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Top 5 Features of a Rockstar Industrial Gas Flow Meter

Posted by TechStar on Jul 1, 2021 8:53:00 AM

Common Results of Gas Uses in Industrial Processes

There are three key results of measuring the flow of air or gases with industrial gas flow meters in industrial applications:

  1. efficiency improvement
  2. leak reduction
  3. increased product quality
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Polymer/Plastic Melt Pump, Filter And Die Protection

Posted by TechStar on Jun 24, 2021 10:18:00 AM

Melt pumps used in polymer production are a special high temp positive displacement pump used at the discharge of an extruder to assure a smooth, high temperature and high pressure (often several thousand psi) supply of the polymer to the filter screen and die for better throughput and uniformity of product. Blockage of the filter screen or die can cause spikes in pressure high enough that the die can be damaged or blown off the feed tap. When that happens, the released polymer will cool and harden at ambient pressure and temperature, requiring hours of cleanup. Downtime costs can be significant.

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