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Optimizing Boiler Efficiency | Increase Your Bottom Line

Posted by TechStar on Jul 22, 2021 11:10:00 AM

Optimizing boiler efficiency will increase your bottom line. Did you know that every 10% excess oxygen results in 1% in wasted fuel? With that in mind, Yokogawa Zirconia Oxygen analyzers have a 50-year proven success record for providing:

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Top 5 Features of a Rockstar Industrial Gas Flow Meter

Posted by TechStar on Jul 1, 2021 8:53:00 AM

Common Results of Gas Uses in Industrial Processes

There are three key results of measuring the flow of air or gases with industrial gas flow meters in industrial applications:

  1. efficiency improvement
  2. leak reduction
  3. increased product quality
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Polymer/Plastic Melt Pump, Filter And Die Protection

Posted by TechStar on Jun 24, 2021 10:18:00 AM

Melt pumps used in polymer production are a special high temp positive displacement pump used at the discharge of an extruder to assure a smooth, high temperature and high pressure (often several thousand psi) supply of the polymer to the filter screen and die for better throughput and uniformity of product. Blockage of the filter screen or die can cause spikes in pressure high enough that the die can be damaged or blown off the feed tap. When that happens, the released polymer will cool and harden at ambient pressure and temperature, requiring hours of cleanup. Downtime costs can be significant.

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Meeting the Challenge of Portable Moisture Measurements

Posted by TechStar on May 18, 2021 2:09:00 PM

If you’re a user of moisture analyzers, you’ve probably experienced challenges in performing a quick, accurate measurement using a portable instrument.  Portable moisture analyzers are typically used to verify the moisture reading of a fixed-installation instrument or to conduct spot-sampling measurements at remote sites which lack a permanently installed device.  In my experience performing portable measurements, I’ve seen several common obstacles a user may encounter:

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Optimize Your Process:        Innovative Solutions In One Click

Posted by TechStar on May 13, 2021 10:39:00 AM

Our instrumentation & analytical solutions are critical to the day-to-day operation and overall success of your process. Understanding that downtime is simply not an option, we have a new system in place to ensure your process is prepared for the unexpected. Introducing TechStar One Click, our new eCommerce purchasing option.

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Application Spotlight: Wireless Monitoring of Hydroelectric Dam Levels

Posted by TechStar on Apr 7, 2021 11:07:00 AM


Hydroelectric dams and their reservoirs store a significant amount of energy, which can be fed into the grid very quickly, when necessary. In determining the amount of available energy, the water level height at the reservoir must be monitored accurately by a reliable monitoring system.


SignalFire Remote Sensing System™ (SRFSS)

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4 Reasons Thermal Mass Flow Meters Make Sense in Pharmaceutical

Posted by TechStar on Mar 17, 2021 11:14:00 AM

Excessive gas consumption wastes money - and of greater importance - can affect product quality and safety. The pharmaceutical industry uses large quantities of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide gas, and air. Without good air and gas flow measurement, cost, quality, and consumer safety will suffer.

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Partners In Process Optimization

Posted by TechStar on Jan 28, 2021 8:30:00 AM



The technical experience within our walls is the true TechStar difference. Our technical specialists have extensive knowledge of innovative solutions, facility wide process applications & your industry as a whole. We go beyond simply providing equipment.

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Measuring Water Vapor In Hydrocarbon Streams

Posted by TechStar on Jan 20, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Measuring Water Vapor in Hydrocarbon Streams

Extracted from a variety of different sources, natural gas is composed of many different hydrocarbons and includes other, less desirable, impurities. These impurities – such as water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide – are removed due to adverse effects, including:

  • Reducing the heating value of the natural gas
  • Damaging piping and other mechanical hardware due to freezing or corrosion
  • Meeting tariff limits associated with transaction contracts
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Heavy Resid Flow; A Safe & Reliable Solutions

Posted by TechStar on Dec 10, 2020 4:30:00 PM

Written By TechStar Solution Specialist, Josh Longcor

It is safe to say that everyone’s goal in process control is to increase reliability of their process measurements. Facilities spend endless resources to identify and displace problematic points, also know as “bad actors”. One common problem area in a refinery is reliably measuring the heavy residual hydrocarbons from the “bottoms” of the distillation towers in the crude unit. Typically, these applications are Vaccum Distillation (VDU) Feed & Delayed Coker (DCU) Feed; also known as crude furnace pass flows.

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