An Alternate to the Siemens / Moore 352PULS & 353

Posted by TechStar on Aug 23, 2018 12:00:31 PM

The #1 Replacement for the Siemens/Moore 353 Controller

Siemens has recently discontinued their popular 353 SLC controller. This unit and its predecessors have been used in many process applications for years, and the discontinuation of this product has left many companies uncertain of their path forward for supporting their processes. Now that the entire Moore/Siemens 353 family is obsolete, are you considering upgrading to a DCS? Have you reviewed the limited number of 3x6 SLC vendors in the marketplace? Will you turn to eBay looking for spare parts? We have a better solution for you: Yokogawa's YS1000 series PID loop controllers can directly replace the Siemens Process Automation Controller and will keep you off of eBay looking for spare 353 parts.


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