Polymer/Plastic Melt Pump, Filter And Die Protection

Posted by TechStar on Jun 24, 2021 10:18:00 AM

Melt pumps used in polymer production are a special high temp positive displacement pump used at the discharge of an extruder to assure a smooth, high temperature and high pressure (often several thousand psi) supply of the polymer to the filter screen and die for better throughput and uniformity of product. Blockage of the filter screen or die can cause spikes in pressure high enough that the die can be damaged or blown off the feed tap. When that happens, the released polymer will cool and harden at ambient pressure and temperature, requiring hours of cleanup. Downtime costs can be significant.

Polymer Plastics melt pump protection
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An alarm trip such as the Moore Industries SPA2 in conjunction with an appropriate pressure transmitter can prevent these overpressure failures, saving personnel hours and production losses. The SPA2’s fast response time of  <256msec can trip an alarm fast enough to cut power to the pump motor in time to prevent or minimize damage.

Key Attributes:

  • Fast response
  • Easy set up
  • Independent of the BPCS

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