Jeremy Morton: TechStar’s New Condition Monitoring and Mechanical Solutions Expert

Posted by TechStar on May 14, 2018 10:14:34 AM

We have recently made changes to our condition monitoring product line, including acquiring a new partnership with a condition monitoring manufacturer and hiring a new full-time condition monitoring expert to support our new offerings. We are extremely proud to announce Jeremy Morton as our new condition monitoring and mechanical solutions leader. Jeremy has over 15 years of experience providing asset performance management and condition monitoring and protection solutions to a wide range of end users in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation industries.

Q&A with Jeremy

We sat down with Jeremy Morton to get to know his story and talk about what he brings to the TechStar team.

Where did your career start?

I began my career with Bentley Nevada in 2001, when the company had recently been acquired by GE. I started working as a field service engineer and quickly gravitated toward the software side of the business, becoming a field application engineer. I basically filled the gap between field technicians and business account managers, functioning as a hybrid between the technical and commercial areas of the business.

What is your role at TechStar?

I started with TechStar in March of 2018. My role is to combine my condition monitoring field experience and account manager experience to engineer complex solutions for unique equipment monitoring problems faced by our customers. I will work with TechStar’s condition monitoring manufacturer and the entire spectrum of TechStar’s product and service offerings to build condition monitoring processes and solutions to fit each customer’s specific needs.

These solutions will range from integration of software and hardware to specialized maintenance and service required to keep processes operating reliably, efficiently, and in a manner that is respectful of health, safety, and the environment.

What’s new about TechStar’s condition monitoring offerings?

Customers who need condition monitoring solutions have not had many options up to this point. One manufacturer has dominated this space for decades, causing price gouging and a decrease in customer service. Now that TechStar has created this new and unique offering, we are positioned to introduce condition monitoring customers to a new and better option, with a higher level of customer focus and quality of service than was available before.

Why shouldn’t customers just seek out individual manufacturers and service options?

TechStar makes it easy to acquire condition monitoring parts and services all in one place. Whereas, other manufacturer representatives may send their customer out with a CD of software to install, with no help for getting it set up and troubleshooting; TechStar provides technicians who can train our customers on how to get the product up and running, and keep it running smoothly. We sell solutions that solve the overall business problem rather than selling only hardware, software, or service.

TechStar’s technicians can walk customers through commissioning, testing, diagnosing problems, verifying that the product is operating as it should, maintenance, and any other service needed throughout the life of the product.  Instead of paying a premium for outside specialists to come in and work on the equipment, TechStar provides access to a pool of certified experts for any customer who has partnered with us. This is the TechStar advantage.

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