Applications and Industries for Thermal Mass Flow Meters

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Fox Thermal manufactures a full line of advanced thermal mass flow meters. Each flow meter is manufactured to strict quality standards, calibrated to NIST standards in their state-of-the-art calibration labs, and customized for your application needs.

Fox Thermal flow meters can be used in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Industrial Plants
  • Oil & Gas Upstream/Production and Midstream
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Animal Waste Digesters
  • Landfill Digesters
  • Pure Gas Applications













Flow Meters for Industrial Plants

fox-industrial-gas-flow-meterIndustrial Gas Flow Meters must be rugged, packed with features and options, and ready to measure out of the box. Plant operators must often keep the process gas flow uninterrupted in order to keep production running. Shutting down production is costly and inefficient. Here are some great features of the award-winning industrial gas mass flow meters by Fox Thermal:

  • Easy installation with insertion and inline style flow meters
  • A no-moving-parts design
  • Wide measurement range (up to 1,000:1, 100:1 typical)
  • Pressure or temperature compensation not required
  • NIST-traceable compensation
  • Extensive agency approvals
Thermal Gas Flow Meters can be used in so many industrial plants:
  • Aluminum & Steel Production
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  • Pulp & Paper Plants
  • Refineries and Gas Processing Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Glass & Ceramics Manufacturing
  • Textile Mills
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
Some Common Gases and Applications:
    • Natural Gas flow measurement
    • Sub metering natural gas or fuel flow
    • Air flow measurement
    • Industrial Dryer Air Flow Measurement
    • Combustion air flow measurement
    • Compressed air flow measurement
    • Exhaust air flow measurement
    • Vent or flash gas flow measurement
    • Flare and Combustor gas flow measurement
    • Fuel gas flow
    • Coal emissions
    • Methane Flow Meters
    • Propane Gas Flow Measurement
    • Flow Meters for Burners and Combustion Gas
    • Carbon Dioxide flow measurement or emissions monitoring
    • Nitrogen blanketing
    • Hydrogen gas flow measurement
    • Ozone flow measurement
    • Paint booths
    • Process Heater Combustion Efficiency
    • Air and Nitrogen gas Purge Systems
    • Leak / Seal Testing
    • Ventilation Flow Measurement
    • Energy Accounting
    • Other Pure and Mixed Gas Flow Measurement

Flow Meters for Oil & Gas Industry

fox-oil-gas-industry-flow-meterBeyond traditional oil and gas extraction techniques, the Oil & Gas Industry has been booming in the United States and around the world since the demand for shale oil has led to horizontal fraction drilling all over the world and even in several regions of the U.S. This drilling is happening both on and offshore to tap into vast quantities of resources trapped in the porous shale deposits deep underground and under the seabed. The flow back from shale oil plays has many different components that must undergo a process of separation in order to isolate the resources for use. Once separated, the byproducts are often stored in tanks before being transported for distribution and sale.

Thermal mass flow meters from Fox Thermal have been used to measure tank vent and flash gas during storage. VOC emissions from these tank batteries are required to be reported for regulatory purposes. The accurate monitoring of leaks from these tanks is another common use of thermal mass flow meters.

The flow back from fracking well heads must go through separators in order to separate the water/chemical solution from the oil and gas components that the water has forced out of the shale formations. The gases processed by the separators exit the separator unit from its own outlet that must be accurately measured for accounting and allocation purposes. Furthermore, flow of water, oil, and gases from the separator equipment must be measured to determine how productive the resources from the gas well head are. Over time, the well heads produce less and less gases and owners must determine when to decommission them.

Due to the often remote locations of these gas wells, there are not always local utilities available to power the equipment needed at the well site. Fuel gas to the equipment is needed to measure and monitor consumption.

Exhaust and vent gas from compressor packing cases is required to be monitored for environmental impact.

Some common gases and applications:

  • Compressor Packing Case Exhaust Flow Measurement
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Monitoring Flow Meters
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring
  • Flow Meters for EPA and Other Emissions Regulations and Protocols
  • GHG Flow Meter
  • Sub meters for Natural Gas Measurement
  • Tank Vent / Flash Gas Station Monitoring
  • Natural Gas Totalizers
  • Methane Flow Measurement
  • Propane Flow Measurement
  • 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart OOOO Reporting
  • 40 CFR Part 98 Subpart W Reporting
  • CO2e Reporting
  • Flare and Combustor Gas Measurement
  • Separator Gas Measurement
  • Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) Gas Measurement
  • Fuel & Combustion Gas Measurement
  • Other Pure and Mixed Gas Applications

Flow Meters for Wastewater Treatment, Biogas

fox-wastewater-treatment-flow-meterBiogas digesters, anaerobic wastewater treatment, landfill gas recovery, and agricultural digesters are applications that all require a flow meter to measure gas mixes. Aerobic applications, such as that commonly used in some wastewater treatment facilities, require a particular flow of air or oxygen into the wastewater to aid the aerobic process. Biogas applications are on the rise, especially in rural areas where the cost of accessing or transporting fuel can be high or time-consuming. Dairy or swine producers and landfills will use digesters to trap waste materials in an anaerobic environment. The organic material is broken down with biogas as the resulting by-product.

Some common gases and applications:

Flow Meters for Pure Gas Applications

fox-specialty-gas-flow-meterIndustrial customers of all types rely on specialty gas producers to supply them with the pure or mixed gases that they need for their processes. For instance, car manufacturers often need large quantities of nitrogen, argon, oxygen, or other gases to complete processes such as nitrogen blanketing, argon for high-quality welding of vehicle body panels or chassis, and oxygen for reflow soldering to improve process consistency and reduce nitrogen consumption.

Specialty Gas Producers manufacture and store large quantities of pure and mixed gases in tank storage facilities across the country. Leaks from these tanks can cause possible environmental damage, impose regulatory repercussions, and cost the producer from lost product. Maintaining a leak-free system of storage and transfer is paramount to keeping costs down.

Some common gases and applications:

  • Ammonia Gas Flow Measurement
  • Argon Gas Flow Meters
  • Butane Gas Flow Meters
  • Carbon Monoxide Gas Flow Measurement
  • Ethane Gas Flow Measurement
  • Helium Gas Flow Measurement
  • Hydrogen Gas Flow Measurement
  • LPG Gas Flow Measurement
  • Nitrogen Gas Flow Measurement
  • Oxygen Gas Flow Measurement
  • Ozone Flow Measurement
  • Other Pure and Mixed Gas Applications

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