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Fluenta Launches FlarePhase Ultrasonic Transducer Range

Posted by TechStar on Mar 25, 2021 11:21:00 AM

Fluenta, a global leader in flare gas measurement technology, announces the launch of the Fluenta FlarePhase™ transducer range. The new market leading transducer range sets the standard for flare gas measurement in highly challenging environments.

  • Setting the standard for flare gas measurement with market-leading capabilities
  • Capable of measuring flare gas flow in process temperatures between +350°C -200°C
  • Enhanced performance with high levels of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane
  • Significant application in the liquified natural gas (LNG) and chemical sectors

The Fluenta FlarePhase™ range includes a 350°C, a 250°C, and a cryogenic variant to suit different industries and the conditions they present.

The market leading FlarePhase™ 350 transducers can accurately measure flare gas flow at temperatures up to +350°C, a capability previously unmet in the industry. These are ideal for the petrochemical industry, or modern processes that typically see these extremely high temperatures.

The Fluenta FlarePhase™ 250 system is optimised to measure up to +250°C, making it the go-to measurement option for most high temperature installations.

For extremely low temperatures, the FlarePhase™ Cryo transducers provide highly accurate and repeatable measurement in temperatures as low as -200°C. With certified specialist materials, these transducers are the ideal solution for the LNG industry.


New hardware and novel ‘phase shift analysis’ technology also allow these transducers to measure flare gas accurately and reliably in processes containing high levels of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, or methane, alongside these temperature extremes, overcoming historical challenges presented to ultrasonic flare meters.

The new transducers, which are compatible with Fluenta’s FGM 160 flare gas meter, continue to offer non-intrusive measurement as standard, and can be used across a wide range of pipe diameters from 6” to 100” dependant on application.

With flare gas regulation and environmental focus tightening, companies are under increasing pressure to accurately measure and record flare gas flow. Fluenta’s FlarePhase™ transducer range offers a simple solution for challenging installations.

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